About Us

Anna Banana Funky Accessories started in December 2012 when the first sewing/embroidery machine (affectionally named Bert the Beast) came to live with Anna. Soon after that she fell in love with knit fabrics and more sewing machines joined the group.

It's basically Anna and the husbeast who make up the team. The husbeast helps out with internet related things and SEO and tries to avoid answering questions about colours working together or fabrics being beautiful or not. Anna does all the sewing, marketing, social media and everything else that needs doing. 

The fabrics Anna uses are mostly all GOTS certified. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and it means that from sowing and growing the cotton, harvesting it, transporting it to the factory and turning it in to beautiful fabrics, it's all done in an environmentally friendly way. Everyone involved in the process is working in a safe environment, no long strenuous hours or child labour and everyone gets a decent salary. The dyes used are also non toxic. These fabrics are generally more expensive, but you can trust that they're made ethically, with organic cotton and they stay beautiful wash after wash.